CD Diet Pro

You Have Now Found the Best Kept Secret
in Nutrition and Weight Loss

If you write down EVERYTHING you eat, drink and “do on our list” every day, you WILL lose weight, regardless of what diet you are “on”.

WHY? The psychological advantage of writing down what you eat, drink, weigh, and ‘do from our checklist’ on your diet is SO powerful that you will be SHOCKED at how positively 15 minutes a day can change your behavior.  You’ll happily (instead of sadly) say NO to that high calorie treat you are offered, because you won’t want to face the ‘damages’ to your fine work. And you’ll feel happy and gratified about refusing it..Or maybe you’ll just eat it because you are doing other things on the checklist to lose weight.

If you just think about, and record daily all of the items on our Secret Diet Checklist for 15 minutes a day, your behavior will change immensely, the weight will FLY off, and you will have earned true  CD DIET PRO status.

The CD DIET is a different way to lose weight. Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat CD’s, or ever buy another thing. Instead that little plastic disc is going to connect an information warehouse to your brain. Which will modify your behavior. Partly because you will be smarter and see there are honest tricks from real people about losing weight that make it much easier. And if you’re doing some ‘fat’ diet program, that just isn’t working, this will actually make it work much faster. Guaranteed.

“Doing the spooky ‘mind’ technique whenever I even THINK of eating is the most powerful thing I’ve ever done.” Dejesus G, Mazatlan, Mexico

But more importantly because you’ll be answering several critical questions every day. It’s a daily education, mind bending, and continuous reminder system that drives you to wherever you want to go.  And if you just target to make improvements in 30% of the checklist items, and change nothing else, you should still lose weight. 

That’s right, you can even skip the checklist item that says “change your eating habits” and the system will still make you healthier and lose weight.  BUT, you still have to document what you eat exactly as we indicate.  Of course, the more things you improve on, the faster the weight comes off. You’ll see this happen and have your personal data to prove it.

You will be very aware of and track “what is in” the foods you eat, and you just simply will NOT overindulge because YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF AND WRITE IT DOWN and face reality . And “what you eat” is only ONE of TEN things you must ask yourself from reality land, and record every day. Powerful questions. Quick to do. The power of this is so incredible if you can be honest with yourself. If you can’t be honest with yourself, you have a different problem.  Don’t worry, the information on the CDDietPro will make it simple.

“I cannot thank you enough.  I cannot believe how much your program changed me and let me take control of my life.    Zach E., Raleigh, NC

If you don’t lose weight during the first week, you may want to bring the “daily record” to your doctor for analysis if you think you’ve improved some areas and not seen any results.

The CD Diet Pro gives you all the tools you need to make your diet successful and expedite your weight loss.  You get:

  The entire SR-14 USDA Nutritional Database with over 6500 foods- real time at your fingertips. Over 100 nutrient elements for each food! No more books or slow access, you own it forever. The same database that the USDA sells for $39! But wait, we have gone much further than that! Look what else you get:
Click here for a pop-up that let's you search for fat grams
Custom Secret Charts
extracted from the latest USDA Data to help you find the foods that best fit your particular diet preferences.

  • Lowest Calorie Foods sorted low to high
  • Highest Protein Foods sorted hi to low
  • Lowest Fat Foods sorted low to high
  • 750 Foods with less than 100 calories and less than 2 G of fat per 4 oz serving - EAT ALL YOU WANT!
  • Lowest Carbohydrate Foods sorted low to high
  • Highest Fiber Foods sorted high to low
  • Lowest Sodium Foods sorted lo to high
  • Alphabetic listing of all 6500 foods with over 20 nutrients each.

You get this information for all 6500 foods extracted from the latest USDA Nutritional Database, along with the most popular Nutrients in simple printable tables..

 The “Secret Diet Checklist” tracking chart in Text or an Excel  spreadsheet- watch your progress as everything is calculated automatically for you.  Track your progress daily on our many checklist items to be successful on your diet.  This makes it simple, yet is a very powerful tool. This checklist is not duplicated anywhere!

 Palm Pilot Files: The USDA Nutrient Calculator for Palm OS. Also we provide special condensed Excel files of selected charts and the daily checklist that can fit in your Palm.

 Diet Information Warehouse with Over 1000 Diet Tips from real-life dieters, with no product pitches. You will be very motivated by the tips, and you’ll also quickly realize that the people that lose the most weight really understand and watch what they eat. But some foods work much better than others.  And these dieters have found many ‘tricks’ to speed up their weight loss, they are all revealed here. Also included is a list of the best free low fat recipe sites, and hundreds of techniques for helping you lose weight Over 50 huge pages of information including government recommendations on diet and health.

“I’ve never seen so many diet tips from ‘real people. It seems everything on the Internet is just selling something.  It’s totally motivational.” Tina H, Seattle WA

 Special reports in PDF format, and bonus documents that will help you understand what to eat, find the best diet foods, and motivate you through the dieting process. Save time, and lose quickly!

Secret Diet Survey detailed results - Valley Research Institute results of an in-depth dieters survey exposes exactly what ‘diet plans’ have been successful for people like you.  Includes details such as how many pounds were lost how quickly on each type of diet.  “Fad diets were even allowed to be posted however they did not fair very well at all.  The results will intrigue and educate you, and let you know what to really expect.

“I was really surprised to see the independent survey results. It felt so good to know the most successful dieters used some of the techniques in your checklist.” Reatha A.  New Zealand

Over 300 Megabytes of information! Too much information to download, hundreds of times the size of other CD’s, the only way we can get so much information to you is via CDROM. And this CD is available only from us! You can run the CD right from the CD Drive at lightning speed, or copy the info to your computer.

“I use the CD every day on my office PC since I have idle time and read the diet tips for  motivation and support. It’s private and great to know my boss doesn’t know what I’m looking at, which happens when anyone views the web or installs a program.”  JS, NY

Commercial Free! All of the information is provided without even one advertisement on the entire CDROM! Nothing more to buy..

Free Education Distribution: If you are a public or private school teacher you may use or give this information, unaltered, with any of your students. And they may use or copy the information as long as it is not used for commercial purposes. You may even give copies to your entire class, or load it on your school server, free! The USDA database, along with our Secret Custom Charts are terrific tools for student analysis and reports. And maybe we can help our overweight children huge and increasing problem in the US, the most overweight nation on earth.

EXTRA BONUS: You get these PC Software Programs to help you get healthy and stay healthy:
* Recipe Organizer
* Cookbook Program with 17,000 recipes

“The extra software was a real surprise bonus, what a deal! ”  Jodie H, Minnesota

EXTRA BONUS#2:   Free Shipping anywhere worldwide.  This is a very limited time offer and will soon expire.

100% Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee: If for any reason you aren’t totally delighted, you get all your money back. And you get a lifetime warranty! If the CDROM ever fails due to scratches or any reason, contact us and we will send you a brand new CD for free.

The CD DIET PRO COMPLIMENTS ANY DIET program that you are doing or as  a standalone program. Beginners to Experts, this CD is Guaranteed to make you lose weight!

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